The Missing (In Studio) New Lead Singer 11-8-2010

Subway Music in Union Square - Heth & Jed

Danse des Ebow #1 (sur Custom 77).m4v

EBowed Toaster Oven


ebow driven resonant wire instrument

EBow Paint Film

ebow slide noise #1

Explosions In The Sky

At Starlight Ballroom


Face Me!

gas can guitar meets ebow

Gino Robair

In my Bath

Gino Robair

In my kitchen

guitar kaoss

How to Make Your Guitar Sound Like a Chainsaw

Ogrim/Eilertsen Improlectronica

Screwdriver & Ebow Guitar Demonstration

Snare drum wires + eBow

wailing chainsaws


Collective Soul

Tremble For My Beloved

The Mission (UK)

Wasteland - Live on the Tube

Pearl Jam

Wishlist live on Letterman

Peter Gabriel

"Red Rain" on Letterman

The Raconteurs

Broken Boy Soldier



Behold: the ebow

Frantone - Glacier

ebow Commercial

EBow and the little Vox

EBow Commercial

Fell Field Live @ September Llama Lounge 08 Ebow & Feedback Intro

Pt 6 Ken Rosser - Eric Jensen interview.mov

Slide Piano Study

Steve Ouimette

We Three Kings - Guitar Hero 3

Some more..

"We Still Have The Stars" album trailer