In 2007, the E-bow was featured very prominently in the soundtrack for Ken Burn's documentary, The War. Doug Wamble performed a haunting slide guitar solo in the piece "Movin' Back", which was a mix of harmonic and primary tone E-bow soloing on an acoustic with a magnetic pickup. Wikipedia

The EBow is used in the musicals Wicked and Mary Poppins orchestrated by William David Brohn. In the Los Angeles production of Wicked, the EBow is played by Paul Viapiano.
William David Brohn

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam plays EBow solo on David Letterman's 1000th show. Song was Wishlist [May 1 '98]. EBow at 3:12
Eddie Vedder / Pearl Jam

Howie Day uses on Late Late Show with Kilborn (August 2, 2002). Song: Ghost
Howie Day

Steve Ouimette uses EBow arpeggios on video game Guitar Hero 3
Steve Ouimette

David Rhodes played EBow for Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ. (from Wikipedia)
David Rhodes / Paul McCartney