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I've been a huge fan of the Ebow since they came out. I got my first one, the original chrome model in the late 70's. Later I got the black with red logo, and more recently the newer Plus model (unfortunately the Plus is missing in action, but I still have the black one). I use it a lot in the ambient music I perform and record. I thought that when I installed a Sustainiac in one of my guitars a couple years ago, that I wouldn't use the Ebow much anymore, but it has a distinctive sound and I use it as much as ever. karma1

So I decided to get an EBow rather than a conventional violin bow for one song.. yes 1 song...on the song list. Needless to say I am 10000000% COMPLETELY impressed by this amazingly less is more concept to bowing on guitar. Small and lightweight it fits perfectly in my grip both forward and reverse making it easy to guide across and up/down the strings and gives me a few otherwise unwanted sounds that I absolutely love. From slow violin/chello like melodies to faster soloing and of course some Jimmy Page Death Wish soundtrack effects in just 1 day. Ok so I have a pretty healthy learning curve modestly but this EBow literally takes the need for picking away. Ya think I like it? Rob Seaverns

The ebow is seriously the best thing to happen to guitars since, well, I dunno, but it's amazing. It's pushed me in so many interesting directions, I get so caught up in it that I've done whole tracks without playing actually plucking or picking a note.... Man, I love my ebow, I hope you enjoy yours! The Fernandes Sustainer is also kind of nice, given that it's built into the guitar itself it's easier to vary your approach, i.e.: have sustained notes as well as picked notes in more rapid succession, but it does lose some of the tactile fun of holding the ebow... Written by Towers Of Silence, on 01-19-2009 19:23

Just got bored for a second and took my acoustic outside with my ebow thinking not too much would happen, but how i was wrong, i got such a great, beautiful sound out of it, i was amazed, even though i think it scared my neighbours! reaching hands

The EBow is perhaps the most useful and strange effect I have ever laid my hands on. First if all, the device works by setting up a small magnetic field which is carefully placed over your metal strings. In almost magical fashion, when the Ebow is placed like this the strings vibrate continuously and rapidly, sounding so smooth that they transform the guitar into sounding like a bowed instrument. If you cannot imagine this please head to your local music shop immediately and try it out. Gibson Guitar Reviews.

HOLY CRAP! I JUST TRIED AN EBOW FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!! There´s no end to the creative posibilities with this thing. I will never record another keyboard pad again!!! Layering notes, filtering (moogerfooger style), automating reverb and delay..... HOLY CRAP!!!!! Ralf

And I am going to use it on at least 40% of the songs on the new Bolywool album due March 2009 *nudge nudge*. Seriously, it never ever (nevah evah) gets boring nor tedious trying to master this piece of magnetic craftsmanship. Thoughts by the sea

Now, I suck. Really. But using the ebow on my clean channel, along with my ge-7 (as a boost) and carbon copy, I sounded like the BEST MUSICIAN IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else heart the ebow? mylespaul.

Daniel [Kessler of Interpol] uses an E-bow in some songs because in an issue of Blender Magazine a long time ago shortly after Turn on the Bright Lights Interpol was in an article where Daniel bought one. Every issue Blender gives a band $848 to spend however they want and this issue was Interpol and they went to a music store and Daniel begged them to let him buy an E-bow. They also got a drum tuner, massages, and food. (source)